X’s to O’s Needs Your Help!!!

X’s to O’s needs your help!

The Bad News: We need to raise money to stay open.

The Good News: We have a fabulous gift card promotion just in time for the Holidays! Buy one between now and December 11th, and redeem your card after January 10th when it will increase in value by 15%.

The Details: We currently need $2500 by December 11th in order to stay open. About a year ago, National Grid did not bill us for a period of 6 months. With all the responsibilities and chaos of single-handedly managing the business, I most unfortunately did not notice the lack of invoices from them. As you might imagine, this accumulated into a large sum of money. We were taken off the budget plan because of the lapse, and while I have personally spent a dozen hours on the phone with them trying to work something out, they refuse to accept smaller payments. I have spoken to many different representatives, all of whom tell me something different or, in some cases totally wrong; misinformation has exacerbated this problem into the crisis that it is now. Despite their mistakes and inconsistencies throughout this year, I’ve never been able to get them to agree to work with me. They do not budge on commercial accounts, and now we must pay $2500 or our electric will be shut off.

I have an extremely hard time asking for help—while running a small business is never easy, this is the most serious obstacle the bakery has experienced. This is where we need you! We are running a special gift card promotion to get through this, because we want to be able to show our appreciation for you in return. We will be selling $25, $50, and $100 gift certificates, now through December 11th. These certificates will increase in value by 15% after January 10th. This means you not only get what you paid for, but additional goodies, too! These will make perfect holiday gifts for you, your friends, and loved ones, and you will help us stay open! This bakery is NOT finished… we want to keep making veganism accessible to everyone. We love making you delicious treats and exciting food, and we have big dreams for growth in the future. Please consider buying a gift card!

The certificates will be available in our physical location and online in our webstore. If you are local, but can’t get here in time, you can buy one online and it can be mailed to you or picked up in the store. If you are not local, you may buy one online and use it for online ordering (shipping not included)!

Buy a gift card here!

Remember to get your gift card by December 11th to help us avoid shut off. Thank you SO much. We love you all!

UPDATE!!!  WE MADE IT!  We will still run the gift card promo until Christmas so everyone can enjoy free treats if they want!  Thank you so very much everyone!  The amount of generosity and compassion that we have seen in the past 24 hours has been amazing.  We are definitely feeling loved and big things are sure to come from us!  ❤

2 thoughts on “X’s to O’s Needs Your Help!!!

  1. I don’t want to be in any way negative, but if you don’t reach your goal and fold up the tents, what happens with our gift certificates? It is one thing to prepay for a future purchase, it is another to risk a chunk of money.

    • That’s not going to happen Steve! I have confidence that we will figure this out. If the worst happened we would liquidate everything and everyone would certainly get their money back. We will make it though this though!

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