New Year, New Plans

It’s 2014, and we’re proud to announce our new line of X’s to O’s Automatic Dispensing Cupcake-Bots, available for residential or commercial use! Bleep bloop!

Just kidding.

We’re excited to share another year with our customers and local community, and we are thankful for all the support and recognition we received in 2013. Most notably, our recent gift card sale was an incredible success, as well as a much-needed boost to our motivation and creativity.

In the spirit of the new year and how futuristic it seems (Twenty…fourteen… where are the hoverboards?!), we are turning over lots of new ideas for the bakery. We want to expand our wholesale deliveries to new locations, potentially increase hours at our retail location, raise awareness of our healthy lunch options downtown, host more events, and continue to develop our savory menu (potentially with made-to-order hot items). While we have ideas and plans for new developments, we would love your input on what YOU would like—stores and restaurants for us to sell to, what hours you would like to see and utilize in our shop (i.e. would you rather we were open earlier? Later?) events to hold or be a vendor at, and so on. While perhaps we can’t make every dream come true (no water park on the roof… it’s a bummer, we know), we really do take suggestions into account. Our four years here have been built on the relationships we’ve made—from long-time vegans in the capital region, to neighbors who enjoy a decadent treat here and there, lunch-goers, customers with allergies, to people looking for healthy food options, a late weekend brunch, a good WiFi connection, or a place to have a cup of coffee with a friend. We are grateful for everyone who walks in, and we want to hear more feet creaking across our old Troy floors! So let us know what brings you here, and what would make your day.

We look forward to your feedback, and to seeing you in the new year!


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